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Last blog post we discussed the top 6 things you could do to keep your family active while being stuck inside your house on a rainy day. Though rainy days are not overly abundant in Colorado, they do happen, and we want you to be prepared for fun on those days along with the sunny days! Today we’re adding 8 top active family activities to do on a rainy day that are outside of the home. So get your rain boots on and start reading!

  1. Save the Earthworm Hunt – earthworms come out in the rain, and get stranded on sidewalks. Go out and save them, and put them back on the grass! The soil and earthworms will thank you!
  2. Rainy Day Walk/Run Adventure – Nature acts differently in the rain. While walking around the neighborhood or in your favorite natural area, see how animals and plants change their habits in the rain. It’s also a perfect time to practice your best puddle jumping skills.
  3. Climbing gym – check out the awesome sport of indoor climbing! Fort Collins has 2 great gyms available (Miramont North, Ascent Studio)
  4. Costco Fun – Everyone loves a Costco excursion! Race your kids to see who can sit down first in the sample furniture isle chairs! Then enjoy some tasty food samples to re-energize.
  5. Pool Time, Cool Time – Get some energy out and embrace the wetness of the day at the pool !
  6. Indoor Ice-Skating– No need to leave the ice behind, just because it’s Spring! Put on your skates and get some fun ice-skating in with the family!
  7. Indoor Trampoline Park – Jumping around on trampolines is a fast way to expend energy on a dreary day!
  8. PlayItUp Family Fitness ClassesENJOYit FITNESS, LLC is reinventing the concept of fitness to include the whole family together! PlayItUp℠ Family Fitness Classes combine both quality time between parents and children, and engaging and challenging circuit training workouts!

Have any more ideas on activities to keep your family active outside of the home on a rainy day? Please share, we’d love to hear them!

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