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At Enjoyit Fitness we have four core values: Connection, Fitness, Fun and Simplicity.

At the center of everything we do is connection because we understand relationships are the foundation of success in every area of life and it is impossible to have true health without them. The most important of these critical relationships is the one we have with ourselves.

While society teaches us to pressure and shame ourselves science has proven that kind self- talk produces far better results. Most of us are saying something to ourselves semi-constantly and with practice we can say more compassionate things to our individual and collective benefit.

Here is a piece about my personal experience learning to hear the quiet, kind voice inside me rise up through the distraction:

When I first started listening to my true inner voice she was so excited after all this time to finally be heard she started yelping and squealing and bouncing around the room loudly chirping little commands like this:

Her: Go Outside!
Me: Yes!
Her: Do it!

We worked each other into a frenzy so excited to be catching up. We were aflutter with hugging and talking because we knew she would be gone soon.

“But what about when your inner voice is saying mean things and causing you to feel shame?” Everyone always asks me.

“That’s not your inner voice” I answer, “That’s the imposter.”

The imposter throws his voice so it sounds like her but it’s not. She’s a girlfriend, she loves you. She’s your biggest cheerleader but she’s going to give it to you straight because the best friends do that and she’s a really good friend.

When the imposter says, “You’re fat.” She doesn’t say, “no you’re not! You’re so so skinny!” She says, “you got this, girl. You can be whoever you want to be. I will help you. You are beautiful in my eyes.”

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