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If you’ve ever had difficulty motivating your kids to get off the couch, and go play, you are not alone. Sometimes I feel like the TV has magical hypnosis powers. If there is a TV within a 50 foot radius, my child will find it, zone in on it and not respond to anything again until it’s turned off. However, when the TV is turned off, I’ve found that’s it’s not as hard as it may seem to motivate kids to get up and get moving. As it’s been proven many times over that exercise and activity are vital contributors to optimal brain development in children, it’s our job as parents to help them get active! Below are 5 easy tips to make exercising fun for your kids:

Use imagination to make an activity fun – There’s going for a bike ride, and then there’s going for a bike ride in the jungle with rainbow leopards chasing you while flying dragons show you the way to the ice cream castle at the end of the bike ride! Any activity can become way more interesting if you add a story to it.
Try a wide variety of activities – Introducing your child/ren to many different options when it comes to fitness is essential. Now’s the time for them to try it all, in order to find which activities they like the best! Do they prefer swimming, biking, gymnastics, climbing, soccer, baseball, ice skating, dancing, etc.?
Be the model of motivation in fitness – Do more than just talk the talk of an active lifestyle, live it yourself! By embracing fitness activities yourself, you can be the example of good habits to your child/ren.
Make fitness a family affair – Engaging in physical activity as a family, creates a bond that you don’t get elsewhere. Connect with your children by being active with them!
Participate in a PlayItUp℠ Family Fitness Class – Finally, a circuit training-based fitness class that involves the whole family! PlayItUp℠ combines cardio/strength training and play. It makes for a class full of laughter, strength building and increased heart health.Join us on Facebook to share other ideas on how to make exercising fun for kids, because the more they are having fun with fitness, the more parents are, too!

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